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Here are the different insurance plans offered:

  • Group Insurance for Companies and Organizations

Group insurance, which includes life, accident, health and dental insurance, is usually part of the benefits offered by employers. Enrolment is typically accomplished with no medical examination required. To be eligible for a group insurance plan, a person must also include and list as beneficiaries his or her spouse, minor children or those who are students ages 25 years and under.
Rate: According to need.
Eligibility: All companies and organizations that are members of En Piste.

  • Liability Insurance

Under the law, we all have an obligation to not cause harm to others. We therefore must exercise caution and respect the rules of conduct as necessary in any given context or circumstances. If we fail in this duty, we may be held liable for moral damages, personal injury we have caused and, in some cases, forced to financially compensate for them.
Rate: According to need; see table in PDF format here.
Eligibility: All companies and organizations that are members of En Piste.

  • Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides coverage for travelers who venture outside their province of residence. It protects you against certain unforeseen situations that may arise during a trip. It could, for example, cover the financial consequences of an unexpected health problem or accident. A range of coverage is offered: emergency medical, trip cancellation and interruption, accidental death or dismemberment, baggage insurance.
Rate: Varies according to age, destination and length of stay. Other more specialized products may also be available.
Eligibility: All companies and organizations that are members of En Piste.

  • Directors and Officers Insurance

Provides coverage to private persons in the course of their activities as administrators or board members for damages to third parties arising from any wrongful or punishable act.
Rate: According to need.
Eligibility: All companies and organizations that are members of En Piste.

  • Property and Equipment Insurance

Covers the goods you possess, loan and are responsible for, are under your care and/or control, or those you lease and are responsible for.
Rate: According to need.
Eligibility: All companies and organizations that are members of En Piste.



Accident Insurance For Individuals 

What is covered by the insurance offered for $20 per month?
The coverage applies in the case of an injury during the course of normal and regular performance of the profession. It includes three basic guarantees, being hospitalization, weekly compensation, and accidental death or dismemberment. This insurance covers you for the amount of $50,000.

Are prescription drugs, massage and physical therapies, and the like covered?
Basic coverage does not cover them; however all expenses related to hospitalization or those incurred following a disability may fall under supplemental coverage.

How are disability benefits calculated? At what point will I receive compensation if I am injured?
If the insured person incurs a total disability within 30 days of the accident, the company shall pay compensation corresponding to 80% of the gross weekly wage, up to $750 per week. A seven-day waiting period is required before receiving benefits, which are limited to a maximum of 104 weeks.

Will this insurance be useful if I am seriously injured?
The greater the injury, the larger the amount of compensation you will receive. 

What is the procedure for making a claim?
A written statement must be sent to the insurer if an injury is incurred during the course of carrying out the normal and regular duties of the profession.

Is this insurance compulsory for all En Piste members? If so, why?
In order to receive a group rate, this protection must be mandatory for all members. The insurer requires a minimum number of participants in order to implement the program.

I need health insurance. Is this the same thing as disability insurance?
No, health insurance (illness) refers to prescription drug insurance while disability insurance serves to replace lost wages.

What is the difference between accident insurance (disability) and provincial health and safety programs (ex. CNESST in Quebec)
This insurance is essential if you are not covered by the CSST program.

Is it possible to add health insurance to a group insurance policy for individuals?
Yes, this supplemental product is available. Simply make a request.


Commercial Insurance (Liability)

I need liability insurance. How does it work?
Coverage is based on your activities, and so you should not be surprised when your insurance broker raises many questions about them. For example, if your operations include fire, sharp objects or audience participation, it is your responsibility to notify the insurer; otherwise, you might not be covered.

How are liability insurance rates calculated?
Insurance rates are based on risk and calculated by insurers according to complex formulas that involve using various statistics on loss.

I need liability insurance short term or for a single event only. Is that possible?
Most insurance policies are valid for a period of one year and renew automatically, but there are single-premium policies that could, for example, cover one date only. It is important to know that such one-time policies will not automatically renew. You must contact your insurance broker to renew or add performances to the policy in force.

I need long-term liability insurance. How can I choose the right one?
Your insurance broker is your ally. This person will point you towards the insurance product that is best suited to your needs from what is available to you.


Travel Insurance

What does travel insurance cover?
This insurance covers medical expenses incurred while the insured is outside the province of residence. See the attached document for a rundown on what is covered.

Why should I purchase travel insurance?
Whether venturing abroad or visiting a neighboring province, travel insurance protects you and your loved ones. Make sure you are covered in case of medical emergency, travel delays or theft.

If I fall ill or am injured while traveling, will the provincial health plan cover my medical expenses?
Provincial health insurance plans provide limited coverage for medical treatment and hospitalization outside of Canada. For example, some plans do not cover ambulance, emergency dental treatments or prescription drugs.

Why do I need travel insurance if my credit card already provides it?
Some credit cards offer basic travel insurance, but the coverage is often limited. As well, the coverage provided might terminate after a certain number of days or when you reach a certain age. And most often it only applies if you pay for your trip with your credit card.

When should I purchase travel insurance?
To be well protected, purchase insurance before you leave. Your plan must cover the entire duration of the trip, including the days of both your departure and return.


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