Let's Support Circus : Everyone En Piste!

 Let’s Support Circus: Everyone En Piste!

Membership campaign for En Piste, the National Circus Arts Network

The work done by En Piste Allowed the recognition of circus arts.

Today, circus is recognized as an art, and funding programs are available in Québec and Canada through the actions carried out over the years by our network. However, the challenges are many and the work of En Piste is essential in ensuring the development of our industry and access to collective services.

With this campaign, we offer many new features :

ð  The new membership policy includes new member categories that represent the diversity of our sector

ð  From now on, memberships will begin on January first and expire on December 31st of each year.  A good way to start the new year!

ð  Exceptionally, until 30 January 2016, all former members whose membership has expired, may regain membership by sending their payment and a current resume. After that date, a new application must be submitted as stipulated in the membership policy.

ð  The collective insurance program for companies will be accessible throughout Canada from now on.

ð  We have the possibility of implementing a group insurance program for individual members. To present the various options, we invite all those interested to participate in an information session to be held in January 2016. Sessions will be offered in English and French. The scenario will be voted on by individual members through a referendum. Anyone interested in participating in an information session or receive more information on the individual insurance program must register here : https://goo.gl/xebgpo

ð  On the occasion of our first membership campaign, En Piste is proud to be associated with numerous partners and to offer you all kinds of discounts : http://goo.gl/bhcfYj

Your membership is essential for the development of our art.

The more of us there is, the more representative it will be of who we are: a creative, diverse, and dynamic group that contributes to the cultural, social, and economic advancement of our society. Each membership counts. Your support gives us the levers necessary to work towards the advancement of the circus arts sector. 

Your membership is the way to affirm your belonging in our sector.

This campaign is also the time to unite and convince your circus friends to join our association. Together, support the circus! We need you because we work for you.

You want to know more about our campaign or register as a member ? Visit the "Membership" section of our website or send us a message at services@enpiste.qc.ca